Dissemination and outreach activities

AIRFORS has plans for result dissemination in different areas and with different tools:

The scientific results obtained during the joint activities and in particular during the experimental test campaigns will be published in peer-reviewed international journals.
General information on project goals and achievements will be published in magazines of both the aeronautical sector and more wider audience journals (youtube channel?), with specific reference to environmental and civil protection bulletins and newsletters.
Visibility of the project's activities will be ensured by the participation to international and national Workshops on environmental protection, resource management and inventories.
An AIRFORS website will overview project's activities and goals, thus providing access to a wider public. Digital pictures and movies will be freely available for download from such website.
Commercial exploitation of the results achieved will be ensured by the participating SME that will finally use the new knowledge acquired and the material collected through staff secondment to further promote its business.
Participation to major exhibitions on environmental protection is also foreseen, where to illustrate, with practical examples and multimedia material, the activities made during the course of the project.
AIRFORS is expected to have a major impact on environmental policies and achievements, especially in the alpine area. The development of new capabilities in remote sensing and land monitoring using aircraft is important for that specific area of Europe. Either because there is a lack of aircraft operators qualified for aerial monitoring, innovative 3D mapping and atmospheric monitoring or because that specific part of Europe does require specialized and advanced methodologies to be applied to protect a delicate environment often over-exploited for touristic purposes. From an operational point of view, we expect AIRFORS to develop into a more stable collaboration between the proposing institutions that are jointly looking forward the creation of public-private consortium based in Italy. Such new organization will build on the two partners involved, possibly attracting other major players in the region, such as a private aerial work company in Trento, that will eventually make available the necessary permits to operate research and monitoring aircraft, a SME based in Viterbo (Italy) having specific experience in data and signal processing and the University of Trento with its remote sensing lab and infrastructure. This Consortium will be able to compete for research funds as well as to provide outstanding and unprecedented services for the overall alpine area.
The Province of Trento, is currently offering adequate schemes to obtain startup and seeding funds to go towards the implementation of such consortium. Its international nature, based on the constriction of the Austrian SME involved in AIRFORS will definitely be a plus of this initiative.