Franco Miglietta
, PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Senior researcher at IBIMET-CNR. Graduated in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florence. He has been coordinator of several research projects at the national and international level. Past experience in the Scientific boards of the National Research Council. He serves in the advisory board of several international Journal (Climate Research, Global Change Biology, Ecology letters, Journal of Mediterranean Ecology).
He's the author of more than 100 papers in international refereed journal.

Vice Chair - FEM

Damiano Gianelle, PhD in Environmental Agronomy, University of Padova, Italy

His research interests are remote sensing, eddy covariance, carbon balance, ecophysiology, forest resources inventory. Currently he's PI of NITROEUROPE-IP (The nitrogen cycle and its influence on the European greenhouse gas balance, VI framework) GHG-Europe (Greenhouse gas management in European land use systems, VII framework) projects and of the National project financed by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (FISR fund), CARBOITALY (National network to measure forest and agricultural sink of greenhouse gases). He's responsible of the three eddy experimental FLUXNET sites, Monte Bondone, Lavarone and Valle dell’Adige.

Vice Chair - CNR

Lorenzo Genesio, MSc in Agricultural Sciences at University of Florence, Italy

Since 2009 Lorenzo is a Senior Researcher at Institute for Biometeorology of CNR, Florence. Since 1995 collaborates with IBIMET – CNR (formerly IATA CNR) in the framework of research and technology transfer programmes in developing countries. Member of Italian Delegation at UNCCD Conference of the Parties (COP1 – COP4 – COP5 – COP6). Principal Investigator of Lecceto flux measurement facility IT-Lec. Since 2011 is a research associate at FoxLab.

Assistant Coordinator

Gian Antonio Battistel, PhD in Environmental Economics, University of Trento, Italy

Degree in Forestry Engineering at University of Padova. He has dealt with economic aspect of wood harvesting and sawmilling, health and safety in forestry activities and in forest defense against pests (at FEM Forestry Unit). He has managed the Certification Unit of the FEM Certification Body “AQA Certificazioni”. He has been member of the Technical Committee UNI “Food and Beverages” as well as different UNI-Working Groups in agro-food and forest-wood chains. He has collaborated on several national and international projects. He has served in the Editorial Board of national forestry journals. Now is involved in research linked to Non Wood Forest Products and Sustainable Forest Management/Chain of Custody of forest products. He is member of the National Working Group “PEFC Certification System”. He is author of several papers.

Assistant Project Manager

Alberto Mattedi
, MA in Political Sciences, University of Padova, Italy

Alberto started his collaboration in FoxLab in November 2012 as a project manager assistant. He was previously involved in the administrative and management activities of the COST Action ES0903 "EUROSPEC", and currently is part of the TA Coordination Team in the FP7 EU-Funded project ExpeER (Experimentation in Ecosystem Research). Alberto holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science and International studies from the University of Padova. Afterwards, he obtained a Post-graduate degree in Management and Law of Public Administration from the University of Trento. Since 2013 he is a Member of the Organizing Committee of the ForestSAT2014 Conference.

Research Associate

Chiara Torresan, PhD in Forest Ecology, Tuscia University, Italy

Chiara joined FoxLab on February 2015 thanks to a grant from CARITRO Foundation which founded her UAV4PRECIFOR project aimed at evaluate the potential of UAV-LiDAR system in forestry. Specific goals of the project are the development of model for the identification of forest structure stand and the wood volume distribution, the identification of cable harvesting trail, the production of digital elevation model with high resolution to support the timber harvesting road planning. Her research activities carried out during the PhD were dedicated to statistical analyses and techniques for forest volume estimation and stand structural classification using airborne laser scanner data. Previously she was involved in the COST Action "FORSYS". Her specific support was the identification, analysis and evaluation of knowledge management tools suitable for forest Decision Support Systems (DSS). Since 2014 she is member of the Community of Practice (CoP) on Forest Management DSS. Her research interests focus of forestry and forest management in particular on that research aimed at improving the precision of forest inventory estimates coupling aerial laser scanner data with forest inventory data.

PhD Student

Marin Tudoroiu, MSc in Silviculture and Forest Engineering, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

Marin started his FEM PhD scholarship on January 2013 within the FoxLab group under the supervision of Franco Miglietta. Marin studies different aspects of high altitude forest ecosystems in relation to climate change. Previously he studied forestry sciences at “Transylvania" University Brasov, Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering where he got his Diplomat Engineer Diploma in 2005. Since December 2006 until January 2012 I was a permanent staff at the Forest Research and Management Planning Institute, in Bucharest – Romania, within the Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding Department.

PhD Student

Sylvie Pighini, MSc
 in Chemistry and Environment, Savoie University, France

Sylvie joined FoxLab on September 2013. From 2009 to 2012, Sylvie worked in a water quality (chemistry and biology) laboratory for the French Company of Electricity (EDF). She was in charge of the Greenhouse Gas survey from a dam's reservoir.
Sylvie is doing her thesis research under Franco Miglietta's and Georg Wohlfahrt's supervision. She is focused on the Greenhouse gas emission from natural and reservoir lakes in the Trentino-Tirol area to better understand if there could be an evolution on them in climate change and temperature rising context.

PhD Student

Kaja Kandare, MSc in Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kaja started her PhD Fellowship on September 2013 within the FoxLab group at Foundation Edmund Mach, in Italy and at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, in Norway within the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources Management. During the PhD her focus will be on remote sensing data fusion techniques for the analysis of forests. In particular she will work on single tree detection, on tree species classification and on tree stem attributes estimation (e.g. volume, diameter, height). Earlier Kaja studied Geodetic Engineering at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering at University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, where she obtained a Master’s Degree in May 2013.